The future of blockchain gaming technology


World of Games

Global games market can be characterized by the significant year-to-year growth. PC games market share decreases regarding the percentage value, but the value in dollars rises. This is caused by mobile games segment that dynamically takes over the global market. Analytists predict, that the tendency will not change within next years. We assume, that the golden age of games has not come yet. The investments in entreprises at the global games market are and will be very profitable.

Mobile games segment gets more and more impact on the global games market. Despite this, PC is the most commonly used device considering playing games. This sector states the main goal for InDeep revolution. Also, what is really important to note, is that the most popular are social games. We believe that we need to socialize and connect to the others. One of the our most important aims is to built a fully communicated and sustainable group of enthusiasts to make InDeep stable and user-friendly platform.

The majority of blockchain projects start their tech-journey in Asia - it is a cradle for technology novelties. Asia is also the most important area for games, because it constitutes over 50% of the market's growth. InDeep team will not miss this fact and will put an extra effort to get nimbly into Asian games market without neglecting other equally valuable continents.

The average gamer is said to be a primary school or high school student, but regarding statistics the average gamer's age is around 35 years old. Taking for granted, that majority of future InDeep users will be over 25 years old, we will do our best to satisfy their requirements and expectations by offering refined and selected games from the best developers.

What is InDeep?

InDeep platform will be built for players by players. We want to create a special place for gamers who also want to make profits from their hobby. PatchKit, a team specialized in gaming networks will help us in designing our platform to make it legible, fully-dynamic and efficient platform to spend time at.

Simultaneously, we also want to assemble huge community of gamers – the most important part of the project. Our milestones are: at first we want to build an immense group of people who enjoy their favourite titles, connect them and finally spread blockchain technology all over the world.

Enjoy playing games and making profits at the same time. The longer you play, the more INDP coins you get. Also, if you are drawn to mine a block you will get an extra reward - % of transaction fees.

Favourite titles for lower prices, smartly designed platform and coins for playing. What could be better than this? InDeep will provide all of these features together with distributed, peer-to-peer blockchain network. Platform for players - from players.

Masternode devices will provide an extra control over all of the transactions with INDP coins. Dedicated wallet with private key will safely keep your savings on the platform. Anti-hacker and also anti-bot software will be implemented as one of the main parts of platform to keep malicious characters out of InDeep.

InDeep will give an unique chance for game developers to sell their titles free of charge. Platform store will be designed to let the junior developers introduce their products to a huge group of potential customers with no hidden fees – we support young, splendid artists.

Mobile games market rises with stunning pace. That is why one of our future goals is to implement InDeep platform available on smartphones and other mobile devices.

PatchKit is a distribution service for desktop applications, created especially for games, multimedia applications (like VR) and education facilities. It is a fast and easy way to share and update content on many machines without asking clients to register or install whichever 3rd party software.

PatchKit is not a store, it runs seamlessly in the background of your business.



PREICO 8 mln tokens 10 000 ETH 0,00125 ETH per token
ICO I 16 mln tokens 22 000 ETH 0,001375 ETH per token
ICO II 20 mln tokens 30 000 ETH 0,0015 ETH per token
ICO III 12 mln tokens 20 000 ETH 0,00167 ETH per token
ICO IV 10 mln tokens 18 000 ETH 0,0018 ETH per token
  • Token symbol : INDP
  • Initial token supply : 88 000 000 INDP
  • Distribution supply : 66 000 000 INDP
  • Soft Cap : 20 000 ETH
  • Hard Cap : 100 000 ETH
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Acceptable currencies : ETH


Patryk Miszczak

Founder & CEO

Mateusz Gruza

Founder & COO

Szymon Kacik


Agata Wietrzykowska

Growth Hacker

Paweł Brusiło


Łukasz Kucharski


Aleksandra Pakiet

Game Consultant

Łukasz Broll


In cooperation with PatchKit:

Piotr Sobolewski, PhD


Piotr Korzuszek

CO-Founder & Lead Developer

Tomasz Jaworski


Jakub Trąd

Desktop Developer

Damian Kozakowski

Functional Tester

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that providing security and stability of the platforms is one of the most important issues for game players. This technology offer pure decentralization, permanent control over the system and resistance from hackers’ attacks. Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of blockchain is total transparency of the platform and transactions made by users. We hope that this technology is the future of peer to peer relations and one day it will be used commonly. InDeep is the way how we want to implement blockchain in brand new part of digital world and make a breakthrough point in gaming platforms.

First of all there is literally no other gaming platforms based on blockchain technology. Some of the systems use features indirectly related to blockchain – Game Credits (exchangeable gaming cryptocurrency) or Dragonglass (gaming platform for smartphones with ERC-20 token).

The platform will combine every single feature of traditional gaming systems (f.e. Steam), plus there will be a possibility of mining specially created cryptocurrency – INDP. Users, while playing games, will not only enjoy only the entertainment, but simultaneously gain an extra profit – funds spendable for next games or exchangeable for FIATs and other cryptocurrencies. There is an opinion, that victory is not enough to fully-derive from worked out success. Exultation must be measured by absolute fair means, honesty and just play. That’s why we found a solution to prevent our users from cheating and inequality. Every single time gamer runs the game, master node will check the gamefiles checksum, so any changes implemented by cheaters will be detected, removed and replaced by default data. This mechanism will not affect stability or fluency of the system. The other feature allows users to mine INDP coins equally fairly. For individual utility there will be an unique PoS algorithm implemented, that will put players equally considering the INDP mining process. All features above make InDeep the most innovative platform among the others.

The difference between these two is the price of INDPt token. During preICO it will be equal 0,00125 ETH and at the end of ICO 0,0018 ETH. It means the INDPt price growth will be 44% only during the whole ICO period.

All unsold tokens will be burnt straightly after ICO.

You will have to double check regulations and laws in your’s place of residence, if you can purchase any kind of tokens during its ICO. Apart from that, we have KYC and Whitelist protection to make our project safer and more trusted.

The Soft Cap is the minimum  financial resource that InDeep requires to continue its development. In turn a Hard Cap is estimated total amount of equity, that the whole project needs to spread the wings over the global games market.